Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday 6/30/13 horse racing...

William and I went to see the horse racing this summer. It was a warm evening when we went. The races had already started by the time that we got there. I think that they were having ten races that night. There are picnic tables by the track and indoor seats on the second floor. The first floor has the betting areas, the food and the stalls for the horses. We sat outside first. William and I decided to see two races sitting outside and two races inside. It was warm out, but the sun sets behind the building, making the outside picnic table area chilly...OK I was chilly, William wasn't. The horses trotted around the track for a while so that the guests can take a look at them, then they race. The car with the gates lines them up and goes with them around the track for a while, finally pulling in the gates and moving to the side of the track. After the race, the owner, trainer and jockey get their picture taken with the winning horse. A close look shows the world of racing horses but a more distant look shows the stores in the background, just outside of the track.  After the first two races, we went inside to find the other seating. We did find the stalls off to one side. I would like to go again and take Maggie and Beth.It was fun to go somewhere new.

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