Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday 6/19/13 3

We went camping last weekend.
It rained Saturday night. First there was a small leak in the tent. We woke up and decided to just move away from it. Then there was a second leak. Then the water started coming in from the bottom of the tent. We did have plastic under the tent, but weren't on high enough ground. It was raining really hard, so we decided to move everything into the car and sleep there. The girls got into the back seat and I put the blankets on them. We filled up the passenger seat and finished the night in the car.. Next time, we will look for higher ground and put the tarp over the tent.
We had a lot of fun. Maggie voted that it was fun on Saturday morning. Beth said that she reserved her vote until later. On Sunday on the way home she gave the trip a seven and said that she would go camping again. By the end of the trip "Harry Potter" was in the house by the sea and was about to go and get school supplies. We kept the list of things to pack with us. As we realized that we needed something, we added it to the list. Sandals and a folding chair would have been good. We can make adjustments to the list as we go. The planning for the trip was a big part of the fun.
We had a lot of lessons learned:
Have a list to pack from.
Pack all of the things on the list into the car.
Only take as much as can fit into the car with you if it rains and you are in the car with all of your gear.
Be ready to make changes to your plan.

We had a lot of time to whittle, build fires, laugh together, cook together and plan, remember and talk together. We made a lot of good family memories this weekend.

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