Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday 6/18/13 camping...day 2

We went camping last weekend.
The first night, the neighbors stayed up until about 1:00. They weren't loud, but it is different having them so close. Maggie and I got up early. She told  me about her last day of school and the things that she has been doing lately. We went out and looked for sticks for the fire. We had already changed our thinking from the house to the skills of the campsite. It is always nice to get some time with each of the kids. After breakfast, the three of us played "21" and tried to play a game called "Pirates" but the pieces wouldn't assemble. Whenever we had some relaxing time, Maggie read "Harry Potter" to us.
We went swimming later and found seashells. We went to church Saturday evening. The message was about following God's will. We went home and got William so he could go to church with us. We also picked up the things that we had forgotten from the first trip, or had gotten ready but had forgotten to put into the car. We had the grate for the fire ready, but had put it behind the kitchen door, so it never made it into the car on Friday. I hoped that everything would  fit into the car on the way home.
That night, back at camp, we built a fire, had dinner and smores and heard more about "Harry Potter". The forecast for Saturday night was rain...
We went to bed.

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