Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday 6/17/13 one...

We went camping last weekend. We had a great time!!!
When we started to pack, William said that he wasn't going to go. I talked, and reasoned and said that it would make great family memories, but he wouldn't budge. So he stayed home. That was sad, but at 23 years old, he would have been board. Maybe he will go with us next time.
We had started a list of what to take earlier in the week and started assembling the items in the living room. The intent was that everything make it to the campsite in one trip and it would all fit into the car. Some people go into the woods for weeks with one small back pack and a pocket knife, but this was our first trip. We did get everything together in an hour or two. We needed to get there and have the tent up before it got dark.
We arrived, checked in, picked our campsite and started to assemble the tent. This is the tent that wouldn't go together in the living room. We finally put it together in the backyard. We felt confident about it at the campsite, but managed to put it together wrong twice. On the third try it went up...and it was still light...mostly. I had wanted to get a paint marker and mark which poles went where, but hadn't gotten to it yet. Maggie and Beth tipped the tent on it's side to get the dirt out of it. We had only just arrived and were already a spectacle.
We unpacked and built a fire. The wood burns faster than you think that it will. The kindling was gone almost instantly. There weren't many twigs around and no medium sized logs...and it was dark. We let the fire go out and decided to start again in the morning.

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