Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday 6/10/13 youth group, exercising and the "Family Experience" at church...

Some days it is difficult to find anything to write about. The days seem so normal.
The girls made it to youth group tonight. I haven't been writing about the "90 day crunch challenge" because we have been forgetting to do any sit-ups. Maybe we can do some tonight. William says that he is not interested, but waits to hear our laughter. Beth says no, but watches us and directs on the correct way to do sit-ups, and Maggie exercises with me. She can exercise faster, but doesn't keep count so my counting messes her us and she does extra.
We have a big event coming up at church this month. It is the first "Family Experience". It would be great if all of the kids will go with me. They are having videos, games and popcorn.

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