Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday 6/2/13 Maggie's new phone...

Today is the day that Maggie got her cell phone. She was so excited that she was up and dressed for church by 6:00 am. She was bright eyed today. She had some phone numbers from friends at school so she got a copy of them ready to take with her. Then she could load them onto the phone on the way home. We try to keep a copy of the list of cell phone numbers at home so that if the phone dies, we have the numbers to re-load into the phone. It is the same way with our e-mail, we print out our contacts twice a year.
Maggie got her phone after church. It is the same one that Beth has, so it was easy for Beth to help Maggie set it up. Maggie is thrilled.
Maggie and I did have a talk about phone responsibility. Now that Maggie has the phone, she still looks as excited as she did this morning.

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