Friday, May 31, 2013

5/31/13 written Saturday 4.27.13 tent...

We went outside to put up the tent. Beth had homework and stayed in the house. William, Maggie and I took the tent outside. We figured out that the first two poles that were assembeled were not part of the frame of the main tent, but part of the two side rooms. That made a big difference. Most of the poles we could figure out from the directions where they went, some took more looking to find sleves that were the correct length to put them into. William always does a safety test on everything for us. The tent is no differet. When it was assembeled William went outside of the tent to hold the poles and he called out "earthquake" and then he shook the tent. I am happy to report that the tent withstood the shaking and is safe for us to use. As soon as school is out, we can go camping.

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