Monday, May 27, 2013

5/27/13 written Monday 4.15.13 Boston...tents...

Today two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon. At least three people were killed. They say that it looks like a terrorist attack. It is so hard to believe, things like this don't happen in the US. We have such an unnoticed peace. We have a peaceful country and have few restrictions. When this happens, I am just shaken. How do we defend our kids? Where is it safe to be? I am glad that God watches over us. He can be every where at once.
We bough a new tent today!!! It is a six to seven man tent with three rooms. I found it on Craig's list and it was being sold by a resale shop by my house. We can put it together in the living room. We will need to check the measurements to see if it will fit in the living room.

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