Thursday, May 30, 2013

5/30/13 written Thursday 4.25.13 parent meeting, bake sale and prom...

There is a parent meeting tonight at Maggie's school. The meeting starts at five thirty and Beth's club gets out at five thirty. Beth will need to be driven home and then I can go to the meeting.
Maggie is making brownies for a school bake sale tomorrow. She is going to make them after I get home tonight. We also need to clean tonight. The boy that is going to Prom with Beth is coming over tomorrow with his mom and maybe his dad to meet us and to see Beth's dress. His mom needs to see the color of her dress to get the correct color tie. This is a good time to panic. Is her dress too short? Is wrong that it is strapless? Should we scrub the corners in the basement?

1 comment:

  1. How does one panic when there are brownies in the offing?
    As a Christian parent, I'm sure you didn't allow an inappropriate dress...
    Wanna come scrub the corners of my crawl space?