Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5/29/13 written Friday 4.18.13 tent...

We tried to put the tent up tonight. We got home and had dinner. The kids wanted to have the smores first so that we wouldn't be too tired and not make them. The smores were fun. Some people choose to burn every marshmallow, and some choose to cook them to a golden brown...everyone's different. Then we started the tent. The directions were not very clear and it was already late. This tent is bigger than the floor space in our living room, and when it is assembled and it is six feet without the poles in it, the tent material looked massive in our living room. We put the poles in and the tent bottom hovered two feet off of the floor. We re-read the directions and tried again and it wasn't any better. Also, when this tent was assembled, it was wider than the floor space so two legs needed to be on the couch...which didn't help the problem of the floor of the tent floating, or help us to get around the tent to correct the problem...and it was getting later at we put the tent away and decided to try it again outside. The smores were a happy memory, but I don't think that the tent assembly was.

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