Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday 6/30/08 Bike riding...

We need to take our bikes into the bike shop. Our bike pump stopped working last year and we all have flat tires. On Maggie's bike the seat is tilted back and none of us are strong enough to fix it.

Last year we took our bikes to a trail to ride. William rides ahead, and comes back every now and then to let us know that he is OK. Maggie and Beth ride with me. We take bottles of water with us. I remember on one ride the girls spotted a frog by the side of the trail. They jumped off of their bikes to catch it, the girls ran one way, the frog went another, the bikes fell over, and the water bottles bounced onto the ground. When the girls decided that they couldn't catch the frog, they retrieved their bikes and we rode off. A few miles later we realized that we had lost the water bottles.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday 6/27/08 School tour tomorrow...

Tomorrow we are going to take a tour of a college. This college has not sent us a letter with directions or an e-mail or anything. I called the school today to confirm and to see where we should start the tour. This is the first school that didn't send anything.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday 6/25/08 visiting a college...

We are going to visit a college this weekend. I am excited. We haven't visited one in a while. Now we are looking at medium large colleges.

Wednesday 6/25/08 rain...

I like the long as it's not destructive. I like to watch it come down, and clean the roads and the grass. It is like having all things new and clean matter how dirty something if it is the end of winter and all of the dirt from the snow had been every good rain can wash it all away.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday 6/21/08 C++...

We have spent the day trying to get Microsoft's C++ onto William's computer. He wants to see if he can program on his computer upstairs. He can program on mine, but he really cares about seeing if he can program on his own computer. I have given up and have taken the tower to the computer store for them to load the program. I hope that they can get it to work.

Saturday 6/21/08 Summer has started...

I have been gone a while. After the last blog we moved my computer to another room. Whenever we move it, the Internet will not come back up. William took his ACT tests, he says that they went well. Now he wants to take the SATs. They are not being given until October, but I signed him up. Maggie is still waiting to start her summer homework. She has figured how many days it will take her so that she finishes just before school starts. She doesn't want to start too soon. Beth's best friend has gone on vacation for two weeks. We have been spending a lot of time together to get Beth to think about other things while her friend is gone.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday 6/8/08 Beth's doll...

Beth and I were talking about some of her favorite toys. She had had a doll that she was attached to years ago. The doll was about a foot long and it had a cloth body and a plastic face, hands and feet. At night Beth remembers singing the doll to sleep. She said that she sang to the doll even though when the doll laid down its eyes closed so it was already asleep, but Beth said that she would sing to it anyway.

Sunday 6/8/08 Maggie's Christmas list.

Maggie has made out her Christmas list. It is quite long, about twenty items. She doesn't talk about Christmas a lot, she just wants to be sure that she gets her wants out to everyone who might shop early.

Sunday 6/8/08 flowers...

We planted flowers in the planters in the front yard. They are purple and white. The purple ones went around the outside and the white ones are in the middle. They looked ok the first day, they had flowers on them and were standing up. Now, about three days later, the plants are ok, but the flowers on them have died and they aren't standing up straight any more. I have been watering them each day, and they have had some plant food today. Also, it has rained a few times since they were planted. I am hoping that by next week, they will have settled in and will start to form more flowers.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday 6/7/08 tomorrow...

The weather is hot tonight.
Tomorrow is graduation Sunday at Church, then William's graduation party.
Next weekend is the ACT test.

Saturday 6/7/08 William has graduated from high school...

Graduation was great. William smiled a lot. He let everyone take his picture. After the ceremony William went around to a lot of the graduates and talked to them. He was still smiling.
When we were done, I was going to take the highway home. He asked if I could drive home the way that he normally goes. I drove slowly so that he could see everything for one last trip from high school.
Maggie had a good time at the graduation. After it was done, she went around and congratulated the graduates. I think that she knew many of them because the high school and the junior high are close together. Beth is in grade school. She is one more area away from the senior high. She didn't see a lot of people that she knew. I let her borrow one of my cameras and she took a lot of pictures.
I made it through at least ten minutes of the ceremony before I started to cry.

Saturday 6/7/08 listing the house...

The house was listed last week. I had hoped to sell the house right away, but here, like every where else, houses are moving slowly. I will not loose faith. The realtor gave me a few things to do to help the more painting...the ceiling in the hall going to the basement, and moving some of the furniture. We are now emptying all of the waste baskets every morning and fixing the pillows on the couch before we leave in the morning. Then if someone comes over during the day, the house is ready.

Saturday 6/7/08 William graduates from high school today...

William graduates from high school today. He is getting excited. After the graduation, I may take the kids out for graduation. The kids go to a charter school. There are about 15 kids in his class. Tomorrow there is a recognition ceremony at church and then his dad is having a party/picnic for him. This is William's weekend.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday 6/3/08 mulch...

Today William and Maggie did their homework while I made dinner (Beth played). Then we went outside and put the mulch in the garden areas in the yard. It looks good. William can carry the bags to where we need them and Maggie, Beth and I put the mulch where it should be. I wanted to have William cut the grass too, but it had rained today and the grass was still wet. We list the house tomorrow.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday 6/2/08 the sayings on my computer...

Here are the sayings that I have on my computer:

do something

remember your plans

you determine what to do with the time that you are given

sometimes you need to give the past a decent burial and go on with your life

history is written in courage

Monday 6/2/08 listing the house... ... ...

The real estate person is coming over to list the house on it too early to panic??????? Everything is done...except for: in the house, there are a few small things in each room, either they can't fit in a box (like the old top to the frogs container) or we need them and because this house doesn't have any storage, there isn't anywhere to put them. Tonight William boxed some of the blankets that aren't needed on the beds any more, Maggie did the dishes and Beth straightened up her chair (we don't have a hall closet so each of the kids has a chair in the living room for their back packs and jackets). Tomorrow we will do the outside. We need to cut the grass...we have an older type lawn mower that when the wheels turn, the blades turn. The blades need as William cuts the grass, I will go around and cut the grass that was too thick for the lawn mower with the grass clippers. All of the mulch is in the garage in bags...I found a sale a few weeks ago...I hope that there is enough because they are sold out so I can't go back there to get more mulch of the same color. Before the mulch is put in, the weeds need to be pulled.
I think that I am going to go and get a bowl of ice cream.

Monday 6/2/08 Beth's book order...

Beth got her book order in today at school. She had ordered a electronic calender. It also has a phone directory, music and a few other things. She can get everything to work except for the radio. She is setting the date on it now.
The last day of school is still next Friday.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday 6/1/08 walking in the woods...

Maggie, Beth and I went for a walk today. We like to go t0 the near by woods. The woods are small, but they have animals holes dug in the ground, and other wild-life. We like to see if there are any new animals digging holes. There is a tree that has a lot of vines growing off of it. The girls like to go under the vines and pretend that it is their fort. We saw a rabbit today.
In the winter we see animal tracks, and try to guess what animal made them.