Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday 6/7/08 William has graduated from high school...

Graduation was great. William smiled a lot. He let everyone take his picture. After the ceremony William went around to a lot of the graduates and talked to them. He was still smiling.
When we were done, I was going to take the highway home. He asked if I could drive home the way that he normally goes. I drove slowly so that he could see everything for one last trip from high school.
Maggie had a good time at the graduation. After it was done, she went around and congratulated the graduates. I think that she knew many of them because the high school and the junior high are close together. Beth is in grade school. She is one more area away from the senior high. She didn't see a lot of people that she knew. I let her borrow one of my cameras and she took a lot of pictures.
I made it through at least ten minutes of the ceremony before I started to cry.

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