Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday 7/1/13 new kitty...

We got a new kitty on Wednesday 6/19/13. The lady that we got her from had all of the kittens in a room with toys and boxes to play in. Maggie, Beth and I went to pick her up. She is a short haired gray and white cat. The lady said that she didn't have much time to play with the cats, so we would need to do that. Our kitty was all claws and fire. We chose her because she was the only short haired cat. William has asthma so a short haired cat would be better. On the way home Beth held her. We needed to name her. All of the names that we had decided on the day before didn't fit her. We tossed up a lot of names. As we got closer to the house I started saying business names "how about Marathon, or McDonald's." We named her Stella.

When we got home we introduced her to William, and showed her the food and kitty litter. Then we took her to meet our first cat, Mandy. They hissed at each other. Mandy looked so upset, like she had been betrayed. I didn't know that cats could give the evil eye to people. We tried to explain that Stella would be a friend, but Mandy wasn't buying it. She sulked away and refused to be petted that day. Beth took Stella to her room so that she could adjust slowly to us. I think that Stella will be a good member of our family.

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  1. Oh. You also had a new kitty like us! Cats are really so adorable. Hugs to you! :)