Thursday, November 29, 2012

11.29.12 written Monday 10.8.12 winter jackets and Avon...

We are going to go out today to get Beth a winter jacket. Her jacket from last year is too small. Maggie's and Williams jackets still fit.
It was cold out this morning. Beth needs a jacket that will fit into her locker.
When I picked up my Avon order at the mail drop-off company that I have it delivered to, the owner asked if I wanted to leave any brochures on his counter. He said that he and his wife would try some samples. I took in ten catalogs and seven samples for them to try. The next order will come in, in about two weeks. When I go back to pick up my next order, I can put the new catalogs on the counter. Right now my mom is my only customer. It would be great to have a second customer.

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