Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday 11/06/07 Postcards...

The kid's don't bring home any homework. At their school they have study hall the last class of the day. Their school set this up so that they can do their homework at school where the teachers can help them if they need it. My kids do need help with hand writing...I used to have them keep a journal. Most nights after school, while I am making dinner, they write a few sentences. I have them put the date on it also. They can write about their day, or their favorite toy...or anything. Any writing is good. It all helps their handwriting. The journal was only fun for the kids for a while.
Now I have them send postcards to their cousins. A postcard only needs about two sentences. This made the kids happy, Their cousins have started writing back.
It is cheaper to send a postcard then to send a letter. The stamps are cheaper. Also...the Post Office only requires that the postcard be the correct size, not have any folds in it, and be sturdy. It doesn't make any difference to the Post Office if you make or but the post card. I bought one post card to get the correct size. Then I took some cereal boxes and began tracing and cutting them out. I did need to draw the line on the postcard and tell the kids to only write on the left side of it. If they cross the line there isn't enough room for the address.
They like writing fewer sentences and also getting mail from their cousins. I'm glad that if they make a mistake and want to throw it away to start over, it's ok because it was free

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