Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday 11/02/07 One more ''getting ready for Halloween'' story...

We bought pumpkins. It took a while to find ones that had a smooth side. We usually carve the pumpkins on the kitchen floor. The mess ends up on the floor any way, so we might as well start there. First, we put down newspaper. I keep a bag of old newspapers in the basement, but because everything was moved to paint the basement walls, we couldn't find them. We put down un-opened garbage bags instead.
William wanted us to get him a pumpkin, but he didn't want to carve it. The girls drew faces on their pumpkins with a pen, and then I cut the faces out. They had a great time stirring the bowl of seeds. Maggie did a cat and Beth did a princess. I bought candy that same day. The kids wanted ''kid'' candy, so I bought candy that adults wouldn't eat. We don't have any Hershey's with Almonds or M & M's.

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