Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday 11/12/07 Dying blue jeans...

Beth asked me the other day if it was possible to dye her jeans pink. I said that I didn't have any idea. She wanted her jeans to match her shirt. We have never dyed anything before. I said that we could get some dye and see if it was possible.
On Saturday we went to the Salvation Army store and bought Beth a pair of jeans for $4.99. Then we went to the Dollar Store and bought a container with a lid that was big enough to dye jeans in. Neither of these stores sold we went to a third store. This store had dye, but no pink dye. They had ''faded white", brown, black, yellow and purple. Beth chose purple. We came home and dyed the jeans. They are drying right now. The inside tag and the inside of the pockets are purple. We think that the jeans are purple, but we can't tell if they are purple, or if it is just wishfull thinking on our part. Beth was so excited to do this, I hope that they turn out.

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