Monday, April 15, 2013

4/15/13 written Saturday 4.6.13 tent..

We got a tent. It should sleep four. We bought it from Craig's List. The girls went with me to buy it.  The tent was never used outside. The family had put it together in their living room and then moved and left it with relatives. We brought it home and started to put it together. The directions said to put it together at home before trying to put it together at a campsite. It is a four person, summer tent. We put it up in the living room. The directions were in the carrying bag, and we took turns reading them. There were four poles, each one held together by a bungee cord inside the poles. There were also some extra pole pieces. The first two poles went in easily. We could figure out where they should be placed, the last two poles took more time put on the tent. The tent has a tent and a rain cover. It took a long time to figure which way the cover went. We kept flipping it over and turning it around. The confusion is that the tent has two doors and the cover has one door. When we got it together, the door on the cover was not matched with either door on the tent. It is OK. We can still get into the tent, it just made it confusing putting it together. We had the cat in the tent for a while. She is not sure if she likes the tent. We will need a bigger tent. A four person tent will hold four people, but there is no room for any gear. We can look for a six or eight person tent. We had diner in the tent and set up the VCR outside of the tent to watch movies. We want to go camping as soon as it is warmer at night. The kids are excited about camping. We have the tent still set up in the living room. We will need to take it down on Sunday... since we have school the next day. We are not sure which campsite to try first.

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