Saturday, April 13, 2013

4-13-13 written Tuesday 4.2.13 Easter...

We had a fun Easter. The kids wanted to decorate eggs. I am never sure which holidays that they will want to be a part of, since they are older. We got some Easter egg die and all four of us colored eggs. William did one egg and said that he was done. The girls and I did the rest of them. The kids decorated the eggs, then with the left over paint, the girls decorated the newspaper on the table, then they said that they were going to decorate their I took the paint away.

Easter is my favorite holiday. It is when Jesus took all of our sins and washed us clean. I know that we are forgiven any time that we ask, but there is something special about someone coming forward for us. It is like the eggs being all cleaned and ready to take their new designs. Happy late Easter everyone.

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