Wednesday, March 27, 2013

3/27/13 written Thursday 3.14.13 school project...

Maggie did a cool project at school yesterday. They are studying addictions. The kids had to write a different good trait of theirs on three sheets of paper. On three more sheets of paper they wrote the names of three friends. They wrote three activities that they are in and three of their favorite possessions. The teacher said to pretend that they had made a bad choice of starting to drink. One of their friends finds out and won't be their friend any more. So the kids had to pick one of their friends listed on their papers and get rid of it. They lost one of their good traits to the drinking, so they had to pick a trait to get rid of. Then they were drinking and driving and got picked up by the police. Since they were in jail they couldn't do two of their activities, so the kids needed to throw two papers with school activities away. Then they needed to pay court costs so they had to sell two possessions, the kids chose two possessions to throw away. One more of their friends left because of all of the trouble that they were now in. Then because of all of the problems, their life and their decisions were not their own, so the kids had to go to someone else in the class and that person got to choose two of their remaining papers to get rid of. Margaret was so sad when she got telling about this activity. She said that only one bad decision was made, but she lost everything because of it. It was a really good visual assignment, I think that the memory of these pretend losses will stay with Maggie for a long time.

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